Get to Know the Graphic Designer

The BeFunky Graphic Designer can help you make your perfect design. Use our pre-made templates to get started, or create custom templates for your needs. Our guide will go through getting to know the Graphic Designer workspace and what to expect.

Workspace Basics

When you open the Graphic Designer, you are immediately taken to your workspace. If you've seen our guide on getting to know the Photo Editor or Collage Maker, some of this may look familiar.
Below you'll find a breakdown of the main workspace elements:
A. The Main Navigation Bar runs across the top of your workspace. Click ‘Designer' to switch between app sections. You'll also find ‘Open' and 'Save' options in the middle. On the right is a dropdown that you can use to change your settings, contact support, and more.
B. The Left Hand Menu is where you'll find all of the editing tools and your Image Manager. By default the Image Manager will appear when you first open Designer. To choose a different section, hover over the icon to reveal the section name.
C. The Bottom Bar is where you can zoom in/out of your image, undo or redo your last edit, view your edit history, and reset your canvas (clear your current image).
D. The Canvas displays the image you’re currently working on.

Uploading Photos

To use Designer, make sure your images are imported into BeFunky. From your Image Manager (top option on the left hand menu), click Computer to open images from your device, click the three dots next to it to open from BeFunky or Facebook, or click Search Stock Images to access over a million free stock images from Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash. Click Open from the Main Nav bar to reveal the options from which you can upload a saved project file (.BFD).


The Graphic Designer offers hundreds of professionally designed templates that give you a great starting point for your design project. To access these, select Templates from the left hand menu. Here, you'll see a collection of template categories that you can browse through to find the perfect template for your project.

Zoom and Pan

Use the slider in the bottom bar to zoom in/out of our project. When you're zoomed in, you can move around on your canvas (panning) by holding the SPACE bar while you click and drag.

Undo and History

On the very right of the Bottom bar, you’ll see four icons. The first is Reset (parallel arrows) which clears your current image from your canvas. The next two arrow icons are Undo and Redo.
The fourth option (clock icon) opens your History panel. This is a visual history of the edits you've made to your collage. From here, you can revert to any stage of your editing process.

Saving and Sharing

You can save your BeFunky project in JPEG, PNG or PDF formats. Select Save from the Main Nav Bar to choose the location in which you'd like to save or share your project. You can also save as a BeFunky Project file (BFD) which will keep all of your layers intact if you’d like to revisit your project later.

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