Updating Settings and Theme Color

If you'd like to adjust how to handle open projects, change the default language, or the overall appearance of the app, you'll want to open the settings menu

Open Projects

This setting will control how the app loads the last project you were working on. By default, BeFunky will autoload your last open project. You can learn more about the various settings and adjust them to best fit your needs by heading over to Autoloading Open Projects.


You can change the default language of the app using the 12 different language options available. To learn more about these options, check out our article on Changing the Default Language.

Theme and Canvas Color

BeFunky is available with a Dark Theme (default) and a Light Theme. The Canvas Background color can be changed independently. 

Theme Color refers to the interface with the tooling.
Background Canvas Color is the color of the workspace behind your project.

Step 1: Click Settings from the dropdown in the upper right corner (Or use Command/Ctrl + i)

Settings drop down menu

Step 2: Select your Theme Color

Light Theme Selected

Step 3: Select your Canvas Background Color

Light Canvas Selected

Alignment Options

You also have options for alignment, guides and snapping for your layers. For more information on how to utilize these options for your project, check out our article on layer Guides.

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