Introduction to the Image Manager

What is the Image Manager?

The Image Manager makes it easy to add images as layers and quickly set a new background image. It collects all your active images in your sidebar so you can easily view and access them while working on your project.

How long does Image Manager store my images?

Image Manager is designed for short-term storage. If you clear your browser cache and cookies the images you have loaded will be cleared from Image Manager. If you want to upload images for long-term storage, you can save them directly to your BeFunky account and access them anytime in your Image Library. 

Adding Photos to the Image Manager

To start using your Image Manager, you'll need to add some images. You can upload from your device by clicking the Computer button.

If you have images in your BeFunky or connected Facebook account, click the green button with three dots to access them. This will take you to your account's Image Library. Select a file to populate it into Image Manager.

You can also choose from over a million FREE stock images by clicking Search Stock Images. Click on the images you'd like to use and they will appear in your Image Manager.

To remove photos from your Image Manager, hover over the image and click the X icon.

Adding Images as Layers

You can use images in the Image Manager to add to your project as a layer. Hover over the image you'd like to add, and double click or drag the image over to your canvas to add it as a layer. You can also right click and 'Add as Layer'.

Select a New Background Image

If you'd like to replace the current image on the canvas, right click on an image and select Set as Background. If you've made any adjustments on the current image, you'll get a warning that this will remove any unsaved changes. Press Yes to continue, or click 'Cancel' to go back and keep working on your current image.

Saving to BeFunky

Right clicking on an image will also give you the option to Save to BeFunky. This will upload your current image to your BeFunky account so you can access it later.
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