Managing Snapping for Layers

Snapping refers to the auto-alignment that occurs while moving a layer across your canvas. When scaling a layer, the corners will snap to other layer coordinates (left, center, right, top, middle, bottom) as well as the edges and snap-coordinates of the canvas.

To try this out, open an image in the Photo Editor or Graphic Designer. Then, add a layer on top of your canvas background.

When snapping is enabled, as you move the layer around you'll see it align in relation to the canvas and other layers. The blue lines indicate snapping alignment.

Snapping Layers on the CanvasYou'll also see the distance in pixels of the layer to the layers / canvas edges that it is snapping to. The distance label is highlighted by a purple line and pixel number.

Turning off Snapping:

If you'd rather not use Snapping, you can turn this feature off in the Layer Alignment menu.

Turning Snapping On and OffOn the bottom bar of your canvas, find the 'Alignment' icon to the left. Here you'll see options to have Snapping 'Enabled' or 'Disabled'. You can also use this menu to turn 'Display Distances' on or off.

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