Get to Know the Collage Maker

BeFunky's Collage Maker allows you to create fully unique and customizable collages. Upload your photos or use some from our library of stock images and graphics to make your design pop! You can even use our A.I. powered Collage Wizard to create masterpieces with just a few clicks. 

Workspace Basics and Page Elements


Knowing your way around the Collage Maker is the first step to getting comfortable with making beautiful collages. When you open the Collage Maker, you are immediately taken to your workspace.

A. The Main Navigation Bar runs across the top of your workspace. Click Collage Maker to switch between applications. You'll also find Open and Save menus in the center. On the right is a Profile dropdown that you can use to change your account information, settings, contact support, and more.

B. The Left-Hand Menu is where you'll find all of your editing and customization tools as well as your Image Manager. Hover over the icon to expand the menu. 

C. The Bottom Bar houses the Layers and Groups menu, flatten, alignment, and the zoom and pan tools. You can also undo actions, review your edit history and reset your canvas (clear your current image).

D. The Canvas displays the project you are currently working on. 

Starting a Project

Select Layouts icon

When you visit the Collage Maker for the first time, you’ll see a blank 3X3 collage grid. Select the Layouts icon to select a different layout for your collage. Click Open from the Main Navigation bar to see your options for starting a new project. Once open, you can begin to add photos to your collage! 

Zoom and Pan


Use the slider in the Bottom Bar to zoom in/out of your collage. When you're zoomed in on your project, you can move it around your canvas (also known as "panning") by holding the SPACE bar while you click and drag the image. Panning around your collage comes in handy if you’re doing detailed work close-up, and want to move to another part of your project without zooming out and back in.

Pro Tip: If you are using a touch pad, you can also use two fingers to pinch to zoom in and out or swipe to pan around the canvas.

Undo and History


On the very right of the Bottom Bar, you’ll see four icons:

  • Reset: This clears your current project from the canvas and completely restarts from scratch.
  • Undo and Redo: If you make a mistake, you can click the Undo button. If it turns out not to be a mistake, click Redo to revert back. 
  • History: This shows the history of the edits you've made to your image. From here, you can revert to any stage of your editing process. 

Saving and Sharing

You can save your BeFunky project in a few different ways. Select Save from the Main Navigation Bar to choose the location in which you'd like to save or share your image. We currently support saving in JPEG, PNG, and PDF formats. You can also save it as a BeFunky Project file (.BFD) which will keep all of your layers intact if you’d like to continue to edit your project at a later date.

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