Customizing Your Collage

Once you've selected your collage layout, either through the Layouts section or Collage Wizard, you'll have some options for customizing it even further.

While in the Collage Maker, click the Customize tab on the left menu to see your options.

Customize Your Collage The Collage Maker has two different 'modes' - Grid mode and Create Your Own mode. The options in the Customize tab will vary slightly depending on which mode you're in.

When in Grid mode you'll see the following options:

  • Background Color will be the color between your cells. Choose between pre-selected color blocks, or click the first color block to choose a custom color from the selector.
  • Adjust the Spacing slider to add more or less space between cells in your collage.
  • Adjust the Corner Rounding slider to give each cell a more rounded or squared edge.
  • Move the Width and Height to resize your image, and select 'Lock Aspect Ratio' for your project to keep its original aspect ratio without losing image quality.

Because Create Your Own mode is a freeform collage layout, it has the above features minus Spacing and Corner Rounding as those are specific to customizing grids.

To customize your collage even further, you can add Patterns, Graphics and Text.


Click on the Patterns tab (diagonally split square icon) in the left hand menu to see our pattern options. Double-click on one to set it as the background for your collage or click and drag the pattern to fill a cell.

Collage Patterns Graphics:

Click on the Graphics tab (heart icon) to access thousands of graphics in the BeFunky library. Once you find some you like, double-click or drag them into the canvas to incorporate them in your collage.

Collage Graphics Once you've selected a graphic you'll see the Graphic Properties window open, which will give you options to add color overlays, tints, and more.


Click on the Text tab ('A' icon), then click the Add Text button to add a text layer to your collage.

Collage Text Type in the text you want to use, then use the Text Properties panel to make adjustments to your text styling and alignment.

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