Choosing a Layout

Our Collage Maker offers several pre-made layout options to help you get your collages started in no time. All of our layouts can be easily customized to add/delete cells depending on how you want your collage to look.

Grid Layouts:

The default Collage Maker grid when you start a new project will be 3 x 3 cells for a total of 9 images. Other Grid Layouts range from square to vertical, and with varying horizontal/vertical/size combinations.
Once you load your images into the grid, you can switch between different grid layouts and see your images populate depending on which layout you choose.

Big Photo Wrap Layout:

Our Big Photo Wrap Layouts are just what they sound like: one big cell for your most important image surrounded by multiple collage cells for supporting imagery.
Use them when you want to highlight one photo above the rest.

Facebook Cover Photo Collage Layouts:

Our Facebook Cover Layouts will help you create the perfect photo collage for your Facebook page. They’re precisely sized for Facebook headers, and feature unique layouts to help you create intriguing photo collages with all of your favorite images.
There’s even intentional space left for your Facebook profile image, so you don’t have to worry about covering part of your photo collage.

Pinterest Pin Layouts:

Whether you need to make a Pinterest Pin that shows a step-by-step or you just want to Pin multiple photos at once, you’ll find these collage layouts in our Pinterest collection.

Once you've chosen a layout, customize your collage and save it to share with the world.

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