Customizing Graphics

When you add a graphic to your canvas, a Graphic Properties menu will appear. Here you can make a variety of customizations to the graphic layer.

Customization Options

  • Change the color(s) of your graphic. Some complex multi-colored graphics have options to change the colors. Use the various color swatches to change the colors of your graphic. Note: Some graphics will only allow you to add a Color Overlay or change the Tint.
  • Color Overlay will add a solid color to your graphic. Use the Intensity slider in the Color Picker to adjust to fit your aesthetic and let the graphic's details come through. 
  • Tint will add color to your graphic that mixes with the existing colors to help match your graphic to the overall aesthetic of your project.
  • Add a Drop Shadow to give your graphic depth and make it look like it stands off your project
  • Select the Options menu to bring up even more customization options, allowing you to add a Blend Mode, adjust the Opacity, Flip, Move Forward or Backward, and Align in relation to the edges of your project.
  • Duplicate the graphic. When you duplicate a graphic the adjustments you've made to the original will carry over to the duplicate graphic.
  • Delete the graphic with the trash can icon. This will only remove the graphic from your project, it'll still be in Your Graphics if you want to re-add it later.

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