Customizing Your Text

Once you’ve added text to your project, customize it with additional styling that matches the aesthetic of your project. These text options are available in the Photo Editor, Graphic Designer, or Collage Maker.

Step 1: Open a project with a text layer or add a text layer to the project on your canvas.

Step 2: Click on the text layer you'd like to customize. You'll notice the Text Properties menu appears.

Step 3: Select a Font. You can choose from our collection of fonts or use our Font Manager to add your own fonts or import Google Fonts.

Step 4: Change the Font Color. Use the color swatch next to the Font Size box to open the Color Picker and select a new Font Color.

Step 5: Change the Font Size. You have a couple of ways to adjust the Font Size, you can use the Font Size box to enter a new size or you can use the on-canvas controls to drag the text box to resize the font.

Step 6: Make additional styling changes. There's a lot of customizing you can do to your text layer, here are some of those features:

  • Styling - Change your font to BoldItalics, or Underline.
  • Spacing - Adjust the space between characters and adjust the distance between the lines of text within a single text layer.
  • Alignment - Set your text to Align Right, Center, Left, or Justify.
  • Blend Modes - Changing the blending mode will change how your text appears based on the layers beneath it.
  • Opacity - Adjusts the level of transparency for your text layer.

Step 7: Add some artistic flair to the text layer with Background, Highlight, Outline, Drop Shadow or Curved Text. These styling features each have their own adjustments you can make to give your text layer a unique look:

  • Background: Adds a colored background to your text layer. You can change the color and adjust the size of the background.
  • Outline: Adds a colored outline around each letter. You can change the color and adjust the outline size.
  • Highlight: Adds a highlight color to your text layer.

Pro Tip: Background, Outline, and Highlight also have an Intensity slider in the color picker, which lets you change the strength of the color you're applying.

  • Curved Text: Give your text layer a subtle arc or take it all the way to a full circle with our curved text tool.


  • Drop Shadow: Adds a drop shadow to your text layer. There's a lot of customizing you can do with Drop Shadow, here's an in-depth tutorial.


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