Using Guides to Align Layers

Guides can help with precision placement of images or elements in your designs. They appear as grey dotted lines that float over your canvas, and you can move, clear or lock guides depending on your design needs.

To get started, enable guides in the Alignment menu on the bottom bar of your workspace. Guides will be disabled by default, but you can click the Enabled button to see the guide ruler populate around the canvas.

To make a new guide, click onto the guide ruler and you’ll see a dotted line appear across your canvas. For vertical guides click the top canvas ruler, and for horizontal guides click the side canvas ruler.

Using Guides with DesignerAs you move guides around your canvas you'll see pixel amounts appear next to the guide. The arrows will tell you how many pixels away the guide is from the end of the canvas on either side. 

Pro Tip: If you need to narrow down the guide setting to a more specific number or if the guide appears to be jumping in numbers, zoom in or out of the canvas.  The guides will responsively adjust according to the zoom level.

Once you have your guides situated, click the lock icon in the top left of your canvas to lock them down. This will keep your guides from accidentally being moved around the canvas. You also will not be able to create or clear guides until they're unlocked.

Pro Tip: When you Save as a Project, your guides will also be saved in their current position and can be re-opened at any time.

Locking and Clearing GuidesIf you find you don't need your guides anymore, click the X button at the top right of the canvas next to the ruler. This will clear all guides from the canvas. To remove one guide at a time, right click and click the Remove Guide prompt that appears.

Disabling GuidesOnce your guides have been cleared, you can go back into the Alignment menu and click Disabled if you no longer want to have guides active on your canvas.

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