Use Collage Maker to Create Instagram Grids

No need for expensive Instagram planners when you have BeFunky’s Collage Maker! Use our grid layouts to plan out your grid of upcoming Instagram Posts for several weeks at a time. Follow along to see how.

Start by opening up Collage Maker. Click into the Layouts menu to see available layouts, then choose Grid.

You’ll see a variety of grid layouts, choose the 3 x 3 layout to populate on canvas.

CollageIG.gifNext you’ll want to start collecting the images you’re trying out into the Image Manager. Use the Upload dialogue on your computer, or drag-and-drop your images from your computer's hard drive right into BeFunky.

If you want to use stock imagery either as posts or placeholders, click Search Stock Images and select the images you want to use. You’ll see them populate in the Image Manager.

CollageIG1.gifStart populating your grid with images! Drag and drop them from the Image Manager into their respective cells on the grid.

You can easily rearrange them. Select an image on the grid and drag it to a different cell to see those cells switch places. 

If you need to make any edits, click on the image and you'll see an Image Properties dialogue appear. Click Open in Photo Editor and you'll be taken to the full image editor. Make any edits you need to, then click 'Back to Collage Maker' to see your edited version populated in the cell.

Pro Tip: Any edits you make in Photo Editor will create a separate image in your Image Manager. If you're unsure about an edit, you can always undo the edit and keep the original images.

Now you have your very own Instagrid ready to go! Save it as a Project to make any needed adjustments.

Screen_Shot_2019-11-01_at_4.07.23_PM.pngWhen you save as a project you can always come back later and readjust, or add more cells going forward. 



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