How Do I Upload A Photo?

Step 1: Head into the BeFunky Photo Editor.

Step 2: Bring up the upload panel by clicking on the "Open" button at the top.

Open an ImageStep 3: You have several options for uploading an image:

  • Pull images from your computer (we suggest pulling any image onto your desktop and uploading from there).
  • Choose from your BeFunky images.
  • Access your photos directly from your Google Drive.
  • Choose the More sub-folder to browse Stock Images, pull directly from Facebook or Dropbox, or engage your Webcam.

Open from More tab

What Type Of Images Can I Upload?

BeFunky supports JPEG/JPG (common file format for digital cameras), GIF, BMP, and PNG file formats.

RAW files are not compatible with BeFunky. You'll need to convert them into JPEG or another supported file type to import into the BeFunky editor.

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