Blur Tools on BeFunky Explained

Great photographers know that what isn't in focus can be just as important as what is. At BeFunky we have several tools to achieve the perfect blurring effect to make your photo shine. Read through this guide for a quick breakdown on each blur tool, and how to use each one.

We will go over:
- Blur Tool
- Lens Blur
- Funky Focus
- Blur Edges
- Soften Tool
- Smoothing Tool

The Blur Tool:

Our classic Blur Tool allows you to control how much blur is being used on your image. If you find that an image is overly sharp while you're going for a more muted look, or you want to focus in on your subject and soften the areas around it, the Blur Tool will work wonders.

Step 1: Open up your image in the Photo Editor. From the Edit menu, choose Blur.

Step 2: You'll just see one adjustment option here, for 'Blur Amount'. Move this slider around to add more or less blur to your image.

The classic Blur ToolStep 3: Go into the 'Paint' panel. Here you can use the paintbrush tool to add or remove blur to your image. Adjust the Brush Size, Hardness and Strength, then move your brush around the subject you want in focus to clear it up.

Step 4: Click the blue checkmark to apply, or X out to cancel.

Lens Blur Tool:

Our new Lens Blur tool has several useful adjustments, including the ability to create and adjust the 'bokeh' of your image. Bokeh is a term used to describe the shapes that appear through the parts of your photo that are not in focus. With Lens Blur you can recreate this in-camera effect on any image.

Using Lens Blur to create bokehFunky Focus Tool

If you have a certain area of focus on your image you would like to highlight, try out the Funky Focus tool. Funky Focus allows you to zone in on a particular area of your image, then adjust the surrounding edges to blur out.

Step 1: Open your image in the Photo Editor, then go to Edit and Funky Focus.

Step 2a: To make a circular shaped blur, use Radial mode. This will focus in on the parts of your photo that matter most.

Funky Focus tool for precise blurringWhen selected, a round shaped target will appear on your screen. Adjust its size by clicking on the edges and dragging, and place it over the part of your photo you want to remain in focus.

Step 2b: Choose Linear from the menu, and four lines will appear on top your photograph. Whatever parts of your photo are within these lines will remain in focus.

Funky Focus tool with linear blurStep 3: Adjust Blur Amount and Opacity. Your image will gradually fade out of focus from the point you selected.

Step 4: Funky Focus also has options to blur your out-of-focus area in Black & White or as a Mosaic. Try these out to add some artistic flair!

Funky Focus final resultsStep 5: You'll also see one more icon to Reverse your selection. This quickly inverts your current selection area. 

Blur Edges

Under the Edit menu, use the Blur Edges tool if you'd like to quickly add blurred edges to your image. Here you'll see options for the size of the blur, the blur amount, and also to shift the vertical or horizontal axis of where it's applied.

Blur Edges toolSoften Tool

The Soften Tool will add a soft, glowing blur to any image. This is a great way to create the 'soft focus' look that's very popular in portrait photography.

Using the soften toolTo try this out, go from your Edit menu to 'Soften'. You'll see two adjustment options for 'Softness' and 'Lightness'.

The first will add or subtract the 'soft' look, and the second will lighten or darken your image. If it's already a bit dark, up the 'Lightness' for the best results.

Smoothing Tool

This tool rests between a retouching tool and a blur tool. The Smoothing Tool can be used to smooth out wrinkles, blemishes or other imperfections on portraits. It also creates a nice soft focus similar to the Softness tool.

Using the smoothing toolThis tool only has one adjustment option, which is the 'Amount' slider. Move this to a higher or lower percentage to affect how much of the effect is added to your image.

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