Creating Your First Collage

BeFunky’s Collage Maker makes it easy to create a multitude of unique collages.  Each of our collage Layouts is totally customizable and can meet all of your personal or small business needs. To get started creating your first collage, follow along with the steps below.

Step 1: Adding Photos to Your Image Manager

Open the Image Manager.  You can add images to the Image Manager by either uploading directly from your computer, your BeFunky account, social media profile, or choose from over a million FREE stock images.

Step 2: Choose a Layout & Fill it In

In the Layouts menu you can choose a layout by using the Collage Wizard, selecting a Layout Preset, or Create Your Own for a freeform approach. 

  • The Collage Wizard will not crop your selected images and will show the entire image. Launch the wizard, select the images you want to use, then click the Use Images button. Use the arrows to browse the different collages. 
  • Layout Presets are organized into various categories to help you find what you need quickly. Pick one and fill it with images from the Image Manager. Choosing one will crop the image based on the size of the collage cell.  Images can always be centered within a collage cell.
  • The Create Your Own option will open a blank canvas for you to fill with images from the Image Manager. Images will not be cropped and will act as individual layers. If needed, you can always crop the image on canvas.  

Pro Tip: If you've selected a Layout Preset, you can still take the work out of image selection by using the Fill your collage automatically button at the top of the Image Manager.

Step 3: Customizing Your Layout


Once you have your collage started, click on the Customize tab to start making it your own. The options for customizing your collage will vary depending on the type of layout you have selected. A layout from the Layout Presets or one generated from the Collage Wizard will have options for adjusting Width, Height, Aspect Ratio, Orientation, Rotate, Flip, Background Color, Spacing, and Corner Rounding. A Create Your Own layout does not have options for Spacing, Corner Rounding, Rotate, or Flip since there are no cells.

Step 4: Adding Text to Your Collage

Colllage Maker Adding Text

To add text to your collage, click on the Text icon. Then select Add Text, and start typing to bring up the Text Properties panel for more customization options

Pro Tip: You can also use the keyboard shortcut to copy text from anywhere and paste it directly as a new layer on the canvas. This feature works anywhere on BeFunky!

Step 5: Adding Graphics to Your Collage

Collage Maker Adding Graphics

To add graphics to your collage, select the Graphics tab and click the Search Graphics button to search our collection of graphics. Click on a graphic to add it to Your Graphics. You can also add your own graphics by clicking Computer. 

Once the Graphic is uploaded to Your Graphics, double-click or drag to add it to the canvas. To move a graphic on your project,  simply click and drag it to relocate it.

Pro Tip: By default resizing a graphic will keep its original aspect ratio.  To resize the graphic, click and drag the corner handles.  To Free Scale a graphic, hold Shift while resizing.

You can continue to customize your graphics in the Graphic Properties menu.

Step 6: Saving and Sharing Your Collage

When you've finished your collage, you can save it several different ways. Click on the Save menu in the top navigation bar. 

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