Adding Photos to Your Collage

To get the most out of our Collage Maker, you’ll need photos to add. The Image Manager is where you’ll be storing the images you use for your collage. There are a few different ways to get your images into the Image Manager.
Start with choosing a layout for your collage. Once you have that selected and the images you’d like to use in Image Manager, you have a couple of options.
The ‘autofill’ button above the manager will automatically fill the empty cells of your grid with the most recently added images.
If they didn't load quite how you want, grab an image you want to move and hover it over another cell to have it swap places.
If you’d like a little more control, you can click an image from the Image Manager, and drag and drop it into the Collage Maker, or double-click it to populate automatically into an empty cell.
Hover over a cell and you’ll see it highlight, then release the image for it to drop into the cell.
And that's it! Drag and drop your images around the grid if you'd like to change their placement.
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