Editing Your First Photo

There are a few fundamental photo editing techniques to get familiar with as you start editing your first photos.

Open Your Image

BeFunky gives you a few different options for opening your images under the Open menu. You can also drag and drop your image from your computer right to the canvas.

Editing Your First Photo: Crop

Use the Crop tool to trim off edges of your image, change the aspect ratio, orientation, or size dimensions.

Editing Your First Photo: Resize

The Resize tool will let you scale your image down or up. You have the option to manually enter your desired pixel dimensions, or use the arrows to adjust the scale to see it change and repopulate in real-time.

Editing Your First Photo: Exposure

Use Exposure to adjust your image's brightness, contrast, and balance the highlights/shadows.

Editing Your First Photo: Sharpen

The Sharpen tool will help by enhancing the contrast of the edges within your image to give it clearer definition and detail. 

Editing Your First Photo: Color

Use the Color tool to adjust the Saturation, Temperature, and overall Hue of your image.

Pro Tip: You can also use the Color tool in Select mode to only apply your adjustments to selected areas of your image, or erase parts of the image you don’t want to be affected.

Editing Your First Photo: Save


Under the Save menu, you have several options on where you'd like to save your finished image. You can also save your project so you can come back and edit it later - this is most helpful if you have added image, text, or graphic layers to your project.

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