Do I have to pay to use BeFunky?

No! You can use BeFunky for free! 

You don’t even have to create an account to have access to a library of 100+ digital effects. Though, you might want to register for a free Basic account to store your images online, add titles and descriptions to your projects, and bookmark your favorite effects. However, if you want access to premium effects and graphics, like the Background Remover and AI Photo Enhancer, you’ll need to become a BeFunky Plus member. Learn more about our BeFunky Plus Pricing. 

Paying in a different currency from USD:

When you sign up using your credit/debit card, the currency will be automatically converted by your bank/card company to your local currency. 

Please check your exchange rate from USD to your local currency. Your payment will be processed in USD and exchanged into your bank's currency based on current exchange rates. To check the latest rates of exchange, try

Also be sure to check out our Renewal Policy for information on billing.

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