Fix Images Quickly with Auto Enhance

With our new Auto Enhance tool, you can sharpen colors, balance exposure and give your photography an expert touch, all with a single click. Auto Enhance works particularly well with images that are underexposed and could use some brightening and flair.

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Step 1: Open up your Photo Editor and go to the Edit menu, you’ll find the Auto Enhance tool.

Auto Enhance with the Photo EditorStep 2: Clicking on the Auto Enhance button will automatically brighten up your images. Depending on how under / overexposed it is,  use the 'Amount' slider to apply more or less of the effect. Slide downwards to keep the image darker.

Photo Editor Auto Enhance Options

Pro Tip:

Click the Paint panel to use the paintbrush tool and only apply the effect to certain areas of your image.

Final Results:

Final Results with Auto Enhance

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