Create Your Own Shapes in Designer

When opening Graphics in BeFunky, you'll now see a selection of Basic Shapes to choose from including Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Star, Polygon, Line or Arrow. Each of these basic shapes will also have options for customization. 

Polygon Properties:

Move the Sides adjustment slider around to make a custom shape with as many sides as you want. Go from a 3-sided shape up to 12.

You’ll also see options for Fill and Stroke on each shape. Fill is the shape color, while Stroke creates an internal outline around the shape.

Create Polygon ShapesOnce a Stroke Color is selected, you'll see a number appear next to the color selection box. Click on that number to adjust the stroke width, from 1px to 100px. If you don't want a stroke, make sure the color selector is set to Transparent. 

You'll also see a Shift Orientation checkbox, to quickly invert your shape.

Click on 'Options' for all the standard graphic properties such as Blend Mode, Opacity and Alignment. All basic shapes will offer these options.

Star Properties:

The Star shape maker will give you adjustment options for Points and Inset Weight. Points will change how many points your star has. You can make stars with anywhere from 3 points to 32.

Create Star ShapesThe Inset Weight determines how much the center of the star is inset. As you move this slider, you'll see the center of the star grow bigger or smaller. It also has a Shift Orientation checkbox like Polygon to quickly invert your shape. 

Line Properties:

The line has it's own set of properties as well. Start with the Stroke option which determines the size and color of your line. If you want to make changes to the size of your line, use the Stroke slider to make the line weight thicker or thinner. Use the color selector to change the line's color.

Create Lines with Shape ToolsYou'll also see options for Solid, Dashed or Dotted lines. For Dashed lines, move Segment Width to change the length of the dash segments. Adjust the Gap Size slider to create more or less space between the dash segments. Dotted lines allow just for a change in Gap Size.

Important Note:

On-canvas resizing will not accurately change the weight of line or arrows. Change stroke weight to make your lines/arrows thicker or thinner. Use on-canvas resizing only to make the line longer or shorter on the canvas.

Arrow Properties:

For Arrows, choose a Fill color, then choose either Thick or Thin to determine the size of the arrowhead. 

Create Arrows with Shape ToolsMove the Weight adjustment slider higher or lower to adjust the thickness of the arrow line. Similar to Line Properties, use this to make any adjustments to your arrow as opposed to on-canvas resizing.

You'll also see a checkbox for Double Sided, to easily give you arrowheads on both sides of the graphic. 

Rectangle, Ellipse and Triangle Properties:

These basic shapes have adjustment options for Fill and Stroke colors. The Rectangle also offers a Corner Rounding Slider. 

Create and Adjust Basic Shapes

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