Color Management

Use BeFunky's Color Management tools to pick your favorite colors and save them to your library for a customized color palette.

For a great introduction to Color Management on BeFunky, you can check out this blog post

Selecting a Color

The Color Picker can be accessed and managed anywhere you have the option to adjust the color of a design element. Try it out by customizing a graphic!

Colors can be selected and added by inputting the hex codes, using the eyedropper, or selecting a color from either the color spectrum or color grid.

Hex codes are a hexadecimal format for identifying RBG colors. Each color will have its own unique hex code. For example, the hex code for white is #FFFFFF.

To input your hex code, click the text field and type your code in, and select return.

Head on over to this article for in-depth information regarding hex codes. If you find yourself needing more details about precise color and saturation values or want to see some charts of colors that look great together, HTML Color Codes has the tools you need to get it just-right.

The eyedropper tool can be used to hover over your image to select a specific color from an existing image.

Click on the eyedropper icon to select this tool. A circular target with a square in the center will appear.  Hover your mouse over your image until your desired color appears in the square box and then click to select.  Once you have clicked the mouse to select the color, the hex code will be displayed.

Eye Dropper Tool Selected

The color spectrum can also be used to select your color. Move the slider along the spectrum to select your color of choice. Click to select your color. 

Color Spectrum Image

To view the color grid layout, click the 'switch view' icon to view additional color options as a grid. Click on your desired color swatch to select your color. 

color_grid_swatch_mark_upYou can store your desired colors to create a customized color palette in the library.  Hovering over the color swatch will also display the hex code. 

Library Button Selected

The six last colors that were used will be displayed in the recent colors palette.

Recent Colors Selected

 Select the 'No Color' icon to remove the color from the selected design element. 

No Color Icon Selected
The Intensity slider can be used to increase or decrease the saturation of a color.  Not all instances of the color picker will have this option. 

Intensity Slider Selected.png

Color Management 

The library is where you have the option to add your desired colors to create your own customizable color palette! 

This tool is only available for BeFunky Plus subscribers. Upgrade your subscription here!

Adding colors to the library

Step 1: To add a color to your library select your color by inputting the hex code, using the eyedropper, or selecting a color from either the color spectrum or color grid

Step 2: Select the plus icon (+) to add the color to your library.  Once you have added a color, the plus (+) icon will turn into a checkmark (✓) confirming that the color has been added. 

Your colors will be added to the color library with the most recently added color appearing in the top left corner.

Once you have your colors added,  you can organize the swatches as needed. Click the desired swatch and drag and drop to its new location. 

Removing colors from the library

Step 1: Click in the color swatch you wish to remove.

Step 2. Right-click on the swatch and select Delete OR click and drag the color swatch off of the picker to delete.

The library is a great resource to utilize anywhere from Replacing Demo Content in Designer to building out your customized color palette. For help with that, check out our article on how to Master Your Graphic Designs with HEX Color Codes.

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