Creating Silhouettes

If you’d like to turn part of your image into a silhouette, BeFunky has you covered. The image you start with will depend on the results you get, but this guide will give you some best practices.

To start, you’ll want to create a cutout of the part of the image you would like silhouetted. To do so, use our Cutout Tool either on the image itself, or add it as a layer to your background.

Creating a SilhouetteHere you’ll see we added it as a layer, then used Cutout Tool to remove the excess background. In this case, the Magic Brush tool works great to automatically remove parts of the background.

A quick way of creating the silhouette after this would be adding a color overlay to your image. This will add a full color of your choice over the image, which you can then adjust.

Here we choose a dark overlay that's not quite black. Adding a red tint to the overlay will give it a more natural look with the background. Experiment with different colors until you get the results you're looking for. 

Using Photo Editor for SilhouettesHaving this at 100% intensity will create almost too much of a silhouette to the point of looking unnatural. Move the opacity adjustment slider down, and you’ll see there are still some hints of the image but it’s mostly covered.

Final Results:

Silhouette Final Results

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