Resizing Your Collage Layout

When crafting a collage, getting the right size can be a challenge, especially if your collage is holding different sized images. Luckily, our resize tool in the Collage Maker allows users to resize their collage layouts with ease.

Step 1: Once your collage is ready, go to the Customize tab on your left sidebar.

Important Note: When resizing a Create Your Own layout, the images will not resize proportionally within the collage. We recommend setting the canvas size prior to adding your image layers to prevent this. Otherwise, you can select your layers as a group and resize the group accordingly.

Step 2: You have a couple of options to resize your collage layout:

  • Click and drag the corners of the canvas to change the horizontal and/or vertical dimensions of the collage.
  • Or enter the Width and Height pixel sizes to your desired size. To maintain your aspect ratio, make sure to select the Lock Aspect Ratio box. In addition to changing the width and height, you can also change the Aspect Ratio and Orientation.

Resizing is responsive action, and you'll see the entire collage responsibly adjust as you adjust the dimensions and on-canvas controls.  

Pro Tip: If you are not quite sure what pixel dimensions you need, check out the following article for a handy chart of common print sizes as well as instructions on how to convert from  inches to pixels: Print Quality & Resolution 

Step 3: Adjust the Spacing or Corner Rounding to work with your resized canvas. You can also resize the cells within your collage.  Customization options will be dependent upon the layout option selected, some customization features are only available with a Preset layout and are unavailable with the Create Your Own layout.

Step 4: Continue adding to and editing your creation. If you're done save your collage as a project. This keeps a fully editable version of the collage, in case you want to change your cell sizes or images later. 

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