Resizing Cells in a Collage

Our Collage Maker gives you easy access to beautiful, professional looking collages. You may find once you have a collage set up, the imagery you’ve chosen requires some resizing of the collage cells. Read along to find out more.

Step 1: Open your collage and add your images.

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the resizing actions in Collage Maker. As you move your cursor between cells or around the edge of the collage, you’ll see arrows appear to signify your ability to move that section.

Resizing Cells in Collage MakerStep 3: If you have one cell, in particular, you'd like to change, grab the gap between that cell and its neighbor. Start moving your mouse around and you'll see the cell resize. Experiment with moving the gap up, down or side to side until you get the results you're looking for. The neighboring cells will repopulate along with it. To create some extra blank between cells, hold Command/Ctrl + Drag Cell Edge to disconnect the edge of the cell from its neighbor.

Step 4: To resize the full collage canvas, grab the gap around the edges of your collage. Selecting the side of the collage and pulling it will allow you to change the horizontal dimensions of the canvas.

Move Cells to Resize in Collage MakerThis is a very responsive action, and you'll see the entire collage rebuild itself as you move the resizing arrows around. The collage will also change the zoom-in level to make sure it fits fully on the canvas. 

Step 5: If you need to delete a cell from the collage, right-click on the cell to remove and you'll see a menu pop-up. Click Delete Cell to remove it, and you'll see the other cells responsively fill in the space it leaves.

Disconnect a Cell in Collage MakerYou'll also see options to edit the image in the cell which will open the image in the Photo Editor, or remove the image while keeping the cell intact. 

Pro Tip:

If you've gone too far, no fear! Control + Z on your keyboard will undo your resizing. Or use the History panel to go back a step or two.

Step 6: It may help to save your collage as a project. This keeps a version of it fully editable, in case you want to change your cell sizes or images later. You can also save to your computer as a JPEG, PNG, or PDF and share your collage with the world!

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