Unrecognized or Double Charge from BeFunky

If you see a charge from BeFunky that you don't recognize, shouldn't be there, or if you have already been charged for the billing period, we can help! There are a few key tips for finding the payment source, which we will cover below. 


Multiple or Forgotten Accounts

BeFunky allows you to sign in or sign up in various ways, through Google, Facebook, Play Store, App Store, and more. Since your Plus subscription is linked to the email used to sign up, you can create multiple accounts if those sign-in options use different email addresses. To verify if there is an account linked to an email address, you can use the forgot password field on the login screen. 

  • Unknown/Unrecognized Charge: BeFunky's Plus subscriptions will auto-renew at the end of your billing period. This is covered in our Renewal Policy. If you have signed up for a Plus account in the past, and have not canceled, the charge on your statement could be from this. 
  • Double Charge: If you have already been billed for a Plus subscription you recognize, but see another charge outside of your billing date, you may have another active subscription. We recommend checking any alternative email addresses to see if you have multiple accounts open. 
  • Duplicate Charge with App Subscriptions: We have great cross-functionality between our web app and mobile app, allowing users to sign into both places with the same email and password to access their projects. If multiple emails are used in this process, you may be charged from both the app subscription and BeFunky directly. To verify, you will need to check your subscriptions on the relevant mobile app store to see which email is linked there. 

Payment Method Access

Relatives, partners, kids, and colleagues having access to your payment method is a common way to find charges you don't recognize with any product. Having your payment information saved on your computer is convenient, but also can lead to unauthorized payments as well. 

  • Charge not from Cardholder: Check with anyone that has access to your payment details, or have them verify if their email is linked to a BeFunky account. 
  • Fraud: If BeFunky verifies that a charge is fraudulent, we will refund 100% of the time.

Contact BeFunky Support first if you cannot find the source of a charge. We may ask for additional information to track down the correct account. If you dispute the charge immediately, without contacting us, it may limit what we can do for you! 


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