Understanding the Brush Settings

Many of our effects and tools offer more customization in the settings to help you tailor the effects to your creative needs. Fine-tune Artsy effects, get minute detail in our Touch Up tools, and more! 

  • Brush Size: As you can assume, this adjusts the size of your brush! Use the slider to increase or decrease the size. Or manually enter in the brush size you desire by clicking on the percentage box. 
  • Brush Hardness: Determines how soft the outlines of the brush are. A harder brush will have a solid line around the edge of the effect. Decreasing the hardness will give your brush a more feathered outline, blending it into the rest of the effect. 
  • Brush Strength: Determines the amount of effect is added or removed, similar to opacity. If you are in Select mode, and using Remove, the strength will control how much the brush removes the effect from the canvas. 

Pro Tip: Hold the SHIFT key to draw a straight line. Click on the canvas, press and hold the SHIFT key, and then click where you want the line to end.

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