Brighten Up Your Photos with Lens Flare

Achieve Hollywood level effects, or add a touch of brightness to your image with our Lens Flare tool! This tool, located in our Photo Editor, will highlight your subject or even add multiple light sources to enhance your image.


Step 1: Open an image in your Photo Editor. From the Effects section, select the Lens Flare effects. There are multiple types of filters and effects to choose from. Choose the effect you that works best for your image, and remember: you can add more than one Lens Flare effect on your image!

Step 2: Adjust the two targets on your image to move the effect. The large target controls the light source, while the small target controls the effect that radiates from the light source. Try moving the targets around your subject to highlight them, or move the large target off of your image to create a more subtle effect. 

Pro Tip: If your image already has a light source, position the large target on the light source to give it a more realistic feel. You can remove the targets by mousing off of the image.

Step 3: Select the slider icon to go to the settings. From here you can also use the slider to adjust the Intensity. You can also toggle between Normal and Intense to increase the effect on your image. 

Step 4: On some presets there is an option to select a Color Value to change the tint of the flare. Click the icon to open the color picker. Enter a Hex Code, use the Eye Dropper or the Gradient Map to change the color tint of the light source. By default, there will be no color added to the effect. 

Step 5: Continue adding to and editing your creation. If you're done, be sure to save your project!

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