Adjusting Cell Size

Our Collage Maker gives you easy access to beautiful, professional-looking collages. Once you have added your photos and selected a layout, you can customize your collage even further. You can resize your collage as a whole, or resize just individual cells to meet your design needs.  


Step 1: Open your collage and add your images.

Step 2: As you move your cursor between cells or around the edge of the collage, you’ll see arrows appear to signify your ability to move that section. 

Step 3: To change the size of a cell, grab the gap between that cell and its neighbor. Hold and drag your mouse to adjust the size of the selected cell. The neighboring cells will repopulate along with it.

Pro Tip:  To create some extra blank between cells, hold Command/Ctrl + drag the cell edge to disconnect the edge of the cell from its neighbor. Command/Ctrl + Z on your keyboard will undo the resizing. Or use the History panel to go back to a previous version. 

Step 4: Continue adding to and editing your creation. If you're done, be sure to save your project!

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