Resize Templates in the Graphic Designer


With thousands of Templates in our Graphic Designer, you may find one with the perfect layout but the aspect ratio doesn't fit your needs. To resize a template, click Customize from the left-hand menu, then click Resize Template.

  • To change the aspect ratio of your template, click the drop-down menu to select a preset.
  • To resize your template while keeping the aspect ratio the same, keep the Lock Aspect Ratio box checked and manually enter your new pixel dimensions in the Width and Height inputs.
  • Smart Resize will resize all of the graphic and layer elements of your project in relation to the new size/aspect ratio.

Pro Tip: If you don't select Smart Resize, only the background layer will change. Layers, text, and graphics will need to be individually resized after the template is resized.

Continue adding to and editing your creation. If you're done, be sure to save your project!

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