Replacing Old Fonts

We have recently had to discontinue several pre-loaded fonts due to licensing issues. If you currently have one of these fonts in a project, you'll see the following dialogue appear:

You can still use these fonts in BeFunky, but will need to download it from an external source and install it into the BeFunky application. Use a search engine of your choice with the exact font name to find free downloadable font files on the internet. 

We have also found in-app replacements for each of the removed fonts. When you have one of the affected fonts in a project, you’ll get a pop-up asking if you’d like to remove or replace the font.

The following table shows the affected fonts and their replacements:

Original Replacement
Claire Hand Chilanka
Good Foot Caveat
Idolwild Life Savers
Myriad Pro Yantramanav
Forque Anton
My Underwood Kingthings Typewriter
Teen Questrial
Teen Light Questrial

If you'd like to keep using your original font choice, you'll need to externally download the font and install it into your BeFunky account. 

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