Using the Cutout Tool

Our Cutout Tool makes selecting quick and precise, whether you’re removing backgrounds, isolating objects or adding multiple layers to your image. Read along for a full breakdown on using the Cutout Tool.

Watch a Video Walkthrough:

When using Cutout you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the different tools and adjustment options available for each one.

Cutout Tools PanelIn the Cutout panel you'll see a variety of selection tools available:

  • Remove Background: This tool automatically removes the background from the subject of your image. Read more about using Background Removal.
  • Magic Brush: Uses smart technology to auto-select areas of your image you want removed.
  • Lasso: A freeform tool that allows you to select objects of ANY shape.
  • Polygonal Lasso: Makes it easy to select objects with defined lines and angles.
  • Circular: Lets you select circle/oval shaped areas.
  • Rectangular: Lets you select square/rectangle shaped areas.
  • Paint: Allows you to cutout an area using your mouse as a paintbrush.

To get started, open up an image you’d like to cutout in the Photo Editor, either as a background or as a layer on your canvas. Either go to Edit > Cutout or select the layer and click the Cutout button on the 'Image Properties' panel.

Using the Paint Brush with Cutout

Step 1: When you pick Paint brush for your selection, you’ll see a few different adjustment options in the menu.

  • Remove: Use this to remove the area of the image you select with the brush
  • Keep: Use this to keep the area of the image you select with the brush.
  • Brush Size: Controls the size of the brush tool you use for selection.
  • Brush Strength: Controls how heavily the brush tool is applied.
  • Brush Hardness: Controls how defined the edges of the brush tool are. Lower hardness creates softer edges.

Step 2: Start by making your brush adjustments. If you’d like a softer edge to your cutout, move the Hardness adjustment slider all the way to 0%. If you’d like a completely solid edge, move the Hardness adjustment slider to 100%.

Selection Tools in CutoutIf you're cutting out an image from a background layer, use a selection tool like Rectangular or Circular to remove the excess background before doing detail work around your subject.

Step 3: Once you have sufficiently cutout around your subject, click the blue checkmark to apply. You'll see more layer options appear before applying the effect.

  • Trim Transparency: Removes excess transparency and cuts image down to the subject.
  • Export as Layer: Turns the transparent layer into a separate file in your Image Manager.

Cutout Layer OptionsUsing Shape and Lasso Tools with Cutout:

Cutout has four selection options that operate the same. Lasso, polygonal lasso, rectangular and circular tools follow the same workflow.

Step 1: Choose the selection tool you'd like to use.

Step 2: On your canvas, use your chosen tool to select the area you would like to Remove or Keep.

Cutout Selection OptionsStep 3: These tools only have two adjustment options, Strength and Hardness. Make sure you set these before making your selection.

  • Strength will adjust how opaque the transparency is to the cutout area.
  • Hardness defines the softness of the selection edges. For a softer edge, take the slider towards 0%, for a solid edge take it towards 100%.

Step 4: Once you've made your selection, click the blue checkmark and choose your layer options to apply.

Using Magic Brush Tool with Cutout:

Our brand new Magic Brush tool makes selecting easier than ever. It is built with smart technology that detects differences in colors, allowing you to remove backgrounds or isolate objects in seconds. We have an extensive guide that goes over the intricacies of Magic Brush, but read ahead for a quick rundown:

Step 1: Before you start using Magic Brush, crop out the excess background around your subject using one of the other selectors like Circular or Rectangular.

Cutout Magic BrushStep 2: Use Magic Brush to create a mask around the subject of your image. You'll see the mask follow your brush movements, then remove any parts of the image it has selected.

Pro Tip:

If you remove too much of an area, switch back to 'Keep' and brush over the area again to bring it back.

Step 3: Once you've cutout your subject, click the blue checkmark to apply and choose the layer options you'd like for your cutout.

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