Creating a Double Exposure

In photography, a double exposure photo is technique where film photographers use an enlarger to expose two separate negatives on the same piece of film. With BeFunky's Photo Editor, this complex process can be done with just a few clicks! 

Step 1: Open your image in the Photo Editor. This image will be your background.

Step 2: Once you have chosen your background image, open the Image Manager to select your second image. Add the image to Image Manager if it is not already there. Add the image as a layerRight-click on the image and select Add as Layer, or drag-and-drop to the image onto the canvas as a layer. 

Step 3: Resize or crop the layer as needed.

Step 4: Select the top layer image to bring up the Image Properties menu. Select the Options menu and then change the Blend Mode to Screen.

Step 5: You can also adjust the Opacity if you want a more subtle overlay, or try a different Blend Mode to get the desired aesthetic for your image. 

Step 6 (optional): Once you have the settings you want, click on the Flatten button to merge the layers and turn them into a single image.

Step 7: Continue adding to and editing your creation. If you're done, be sure to save your project!

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