Using Cinematic Effects

Our Cinematic photo effects brings an aesthetic straight out of the silver screen. Just like our traditional photo effects, you're only a few clicks away from stunning cinematic results.

You’ll repeat these steps for all of the Cinematic effects:

Step 1: Open 'Effects' menu and click on 'Cinematic'.
Step 2: Click on panel of effect you want to try.
Step 3: Click between the variants of each effect.
Step 4: Use the Settings panel to fine-tune the effect.
Step 5: Click green checkmark to apply, or red X to remove.

Scroll through for some examples of these effects and their variants in action.

Film Grain:

Cinematic Effects - Film Grain
Color Grading:

Cinematic Effects - Color GradingAnamorphic:

Cinematic Effects - AnamorphicLens Distortion:

Cinematic Effects - Lens DistortionWarped Blur:

Cinematic Effects - Warped BlurChromatic Aberration:

Cinematic Effects - Chromatic Aberration

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