Using the Tint Tool

The Tint tool allows you to add color tints over your image. You can choose one color to overlay, use two colors to adjust color balance or create a duotone, and move opacity around to make your effects really stand out or add a subtle filter.

Step 1: To get started, open an image in your Photo Editor. Go to the 'Edit' menu in your sidebar and find the 'Tint' option under 'Miscellaneous'.

Step 2: Decide how you want to tint your image. To create a duotone option, you can change both the Color Value 1 and Color Value 2. The first value will apply to lighter tones of your image, and the second darker.

Choose Color Value 1 and 2 for Duotone Tint
Step 3: If you want to add one all over tint color, choose just one value and pick a color in the color selector.

Choose 1 Color for Tint Tool
Step 4: To only add a hint of color tint to your image, move the opacity slider around so you'll see some of the original coloring come through, with a tint of the color you chose.

Step 5: If you only want to apply the tint to parts of your image, go to the 'Paint' menu and choose the paintbrush tool to brush over the areas you want tinted.

Change Opacity with Tint Tool

Final Results:

Final Results with Tint Tool

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