Adding Photos to Your Design

The images we use in our Graphic Designer templates are meant as placeholders, and you can swap out any image in a template for one of your own. Whether you are customizing our templates, or creating your own design, see how to add your own photos to any BeFunky design project!

Step 1: Collect images to use in your project in the Image Manager. You can start by selecting the Image Manager from the left-hand menu. Check out our article on the Image Manager for more information on how to use it! 

Step 2: Drag any image from your Image Manager over any image in the template, then drop it to replace. If you'd like to add an image as a layer to your template, right-click the image in your Image Manager, then click Add as Layer.


Step 3: Customize your image. Click on the image on the canvas to open the Image Properties window. Here you can make adjustments to your image like adding a color overlay, duplicating, changing the blend mode, or even open the image in the Photo Editor for more in-depth editing.

Step 4: Click Apply to save your changes.  

Step 5: Continue adding to and editing your creation. If you're done, be sure to save your project!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out another tutorial:

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