Adjusting Exposure

Getting exposure right can be a delicate balancing act. BeFunky's Exposure tool has easy-to-use settings that help you create perfect harmony in every one of your photos.

Step 1: Upload a picture to the Photo Editor. Then choose Exposure from the Edit menu on the left.

Underexposed image in the Exposure tool

Pro Tip:

You can choose to adjust exposure on your entire photograph, or you can use the Erase (formally known as Paint, located to the right of 'Adjust') feature to only enhance exposure on selected areas.

Step 2: Adjust Brightness and Contrast. Brightness will turn up the overall exposure on your image, while contrast increases both the lights and darks to make it really pop.

Image after Exposure tool application Step 3: For the final step, you have the option to tweak Highlights and Shadows. Highlights make the brights of your photo even brighter, while Shadow strength pulls out details from the darker areas of your images.

Final Results:

Final Results of Exposure Tool

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