Adding a Vignette to Your Photo

To make the subject of your image pop, try using the Vignette Tool. This creates a feathered border around your image and draws the eye to the subject instead of the surrounding background.

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Step 1: Open your image in the Photo Editor then go to the Edit menu, and find Vignette under the Essentials menu.
Step 2: In the top row you’ll see three different shape icons, depicting what kind of radius the vignette will have around your object. There’s radial, square and linear meant to span the whole canvas. You may want to sample the different shapes to see what works best for your image.
Step 3: Once your vignette shape is selected, you’ll see controls come up that let you adjust how close in you want the vignette to your subject. You can move the controls around to see some different options.

Pro Tip:

While working on your vignette, press the Space Bar to hide the on-canvas controls and get a quick preview of how it looks.

Step 4: You’ll also see the options to change the vignette color, blend mode and opacity. This will help you make your vignette really dramatic or just a subtle outline.
Play around until you see what works for you!

Final results, before and after:

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