Try a New Look with Hair Color Tool

BeFunky's Hair Color tool lets you change hair color right before your eyes! With a few quick steps give yourself the makeover of your dreams! Our guide here will show you how it works.  You’ll find the Hair Color tool in the Touch Up section of the Photo Editor.

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Step 1: Open your image into the Photo Editor, then head to the Touch Up section on your left sidebar.

Step 2: Choose the Hair Color effect under the Miscellaneous heading. You'll see a few options show up, including a Color Palette, Strength, Brush Size, and Brush Hardness.

Step 3: Select your color. In the Color Palette, you'll see a few preset color swatches available, as well as an option to pick your own color from the color picker.

Step 4: Adjust the sliders on the Brush Strength, Brush Size, and Brush Hardness based on the image and your preferences. 

Step 5: Click and drag the mouse to start applying the color to the hair in your image. As you apply the brush, a color overlay will appear on the hair and you'll see the color start to change. After it's applied, you can move between different colors in the color palette to try out different shades.

Step 6: To make the effect more vibrant, keep applying the brush strokes over the image. Every time you run the brush over you'll add another layer of color.

Pro Tip: If you brush outside your intended area, use the Erase tool to remove part of the overlay.

Step 7: Try out some funky colors! Clicking the far left box on the color palette will open the Color Picker giving you the option to pick any color you want. Go green, blue, pink, purple!

Step 8: Click Apply to save your changes.

Pro Tip: You may need to Apply the hair color tool more than once depending on your change in color.  Each applied layer will increase the change in color.

Step 9: Continue adding to and editing your creation. If you're done, be sure to save your project!

Final Results: hair color tool applied

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