Saving as a Project to Edit Later

If you'd like to save your work but still want the option to make future edits, you can save it as a BeFunky Project file (BFD). This will keep all of your layers intact, and allow you to pick up exactly where you left off!

You can save your image as a BeFunky Project file in the Photo Editor, Graphic Designer, and Collage Maker - all following the same steps.

Step 1: When you're finished making edits, click the Save dropdown.

Step 2: Select Save As Project.

Step 3: Here you have the option to save your project either to your computer as a .BFD file, or to BeFunky directly. Saving to BeFunky will save it to the Project Manager, where you can save your project to an existing folder, or create a new one. 

Pro Tip: You can also save directly to your computer, or to BeFunky either as a project or an image.

Step 4: Click Save. If you're downloading to your computer's hard drive, you may want to change the location of your downloads.

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