Opening Saved Projects

Whether you are revisiting an old project or picking up where you left off in your last session, opening a saved project makes this easy! Saving your creation as a project allows you to store and reopen your projects to continue working on them.

Step 1: Select Open at the top of the page. Scroll down to Existing Project. 

Step 2a: 
Open from your Computer.
  • Click Computer and select your project file from your computer files. The BeFunky project file will be saved as a .bfd.
  • Or click+drag your file directly onto the canvas to open it. 

Step 2b: Open from BeFunky.

  • Click BeFunky to open the Project Manager.
  • Search for your saved projects by folder, project name, created/modified date and more. 
  • Click on the project you wish to open.

Step 3: Continue working on your project! 

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