Add Text to Your Photo

Take the guesswork out of adding text to your projects with BeFunky's text editor!

Step 1: Click the icon in your left-hand menu to get to the Text Tool.

Step 2:  Click Add Text and your Text Properties box will pop up. This allows customization for different fonts, background colors, outline colors, text colors, blend modes, opacity, alignment, and many other options.

Text being added to BeFunky Photo Editor Step 3: To start typing your text, click on the box that says Click When Selected To Edit Text. To deselect, click anywhere around your canvas outside of the text box.

Step 4: Add fonts from your computer or Google Fonts. In Text Properties click into the Font selector. You’ll be able to search for and add your own fonts into your Font Library. 

Step 5: To resize your text, click and drag the corners of your text box, or adjust the size using the sizing arrows in the Text Properties box.

Using Text Properties to make adjustmentsStep 6: To move your text around your image, click and drag your text box to your designated location.

Step 7: Once you're done editing your text, click outside of the text box to apply it. If you wish to permanently flatten your text to your image, click on Flatten Layers.

Customizing text with font, size and style changes

Pro Tip: If you have any graphics on your image, it will also flatten on the image.

Step 8: If you wish to delete the text after you've flatten layers, click on 'History' and go back one step to undo the changes. You will have to type all your text all over again.

Final Results:

Final results - Dog image with speech bubble, added text saying WOOF

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