Adding Photo Effects

What are Photo Effects?

At its core, a photo effect is a tool designed to alter/enhance an image. BeFunky takes this core concept and molds it into photographically rich and artistically styled tools that can be applied to an image with "one-click" results. By developing such effects, we eliminate the need for any upfront technical know-how, and give our users the opportunity to explore different effects that bring their creative visions to life!

Watch A Video Walkthrough:

To get started, upload your image to the Photo Editor. Then, select the Effects (star shape) tab on your side toolbar to the left of your image.

Open Photo EffectsEffects are grouped in categories. Each group will have a variety of options of the effect that you can choose from.

List of Photo EffectsClick on one of the effect styles displayed on the toolbar. From there, click on the effect you want to use to select it. The effect will then be applied to your image as a preview. Click the green check mark to confirm and fully apply it to your image.

Photo Effects Settings

Can I change the settings of effect styles?

Yes! The Settings button is displayed on each effect thumbnail. Click to see what adjustments you can make for each specific effect.

Alternatively, use the Paint dialogue to apply or remove the effect from only certain parts of the images.

You can click on the Inverse icon that looks like two boxes overlapping, and paint in the effect over the canvas. This will apply the effect only to the areas of your choosing, and keep the rest of the image in it's original format:

Paint Inverse Photo Effects

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