Using the Funky Focus Tool

With Funky Focus you can create a tilt-shift effect that blurs the background and puts the focus on the subject of your image. You'll find Funky Focus in the Edit section of the Photo Editor.

This tool is only available for BeFunky Plus subscribers. Upgrade your subscription here!

Step 1: Open your photo in the Photo Editor. 

Step 2: Select the Edit section from the left-hand menu. Then, select Funky Focus.

Step 3: Choose between Radial mode (for a circular shaped tool) or Linear mode.

Pro Tip: Hold Command/Control+Shift to adjust the Linear and Radial focus uniformly. Press the O key to show your original image on the canvas.

Step 4: For shallow depth of field, select a narrow point of focus in your target. For further depth, simply widen your focal point. To do this, you adjust the target’s size by clicking on the blue circles and dragging them with your mouse inwards (to make smaller) or outwards (to make larger).

Step 5: Blur Amount and Opacity can be adjusted by sliding the toggle left and right until you achieve your desired look.

Step 6: Click on the Reverse icon to flip which parts of your image remain in-focus or blurred. Check out the Black & White or Mosaic options as well to give some more depth and texture to your focus area.

Pro Tip: While working on your blur amount, press the Space Bar to hide the on-canvas controls and get a quick preview of how it looks.

Step 7: Click Apply to save your changes.

Step 8: Continue adding to and editing your creation, or if you're done be sure to save your project.

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