Customizing Collages in Graphic Designer

Arranging photos in your design just got easier! Create your own collages, or edit our existing templates in our Graphic Designer. Our curated designs allow you to replace images in the collages with your own and still give you the designer aesthetic. Follow the instructions below to get started.

Searching for Collages in Designer

  1. Go to our Graphic Designer to begin your project. Select Open > Template or click on the Templates section in the left-hand menu.
  2.  In the Templates library, select the Collage category or search for Collage in the search bar. 
  3. Pick your desired design template and open it on the canvas! 

Customizing Your Template

You have a ton of options to customize your Designer Collages. From moving images around your design to replacing them with your own photos, the choice is yours! 

  • Replacing Images: You can click and drag images directly from your Image Manager onto the image in the template. This will replace the existing image with whatever you have chosen.
  • Repositioning Images: The templates use Clipping Masks to overlay an image on a shape or graphic. To maneuver the image inside the design, shift+click and drag it until it fits your needs. You can also double-click on the image to open the Crop Menu to zoom or move the image. 
  • Editing Images: Editing the images in the design is exactly the same as editing them in any section of BeFunky! Click on the image you wish to edit, and select the Edit Image button in the top left. Add effects, filters, and other tools to match your desired look. You can also add borders, drop shadows, and more from the left-hand menu. 
  • Layers and Groups: Some Designer Collages will have preset groups for the images and text layers. Select the Layers and Groups menu to see these presets and manipulate them as you need. If they do not already have a preset group, you can make your own for easier editing! 

Pro Tip: If you click on a layer and notice that you are unable to select and edit it, the layer may be locked. Go to the Layers & Groups tab in the bottom navigation bar and click on the lock icon next to the layer name to unlock it.

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