Managing Your Mobile Subscription

Once you have downloaded the mobile app and upgraded to a Plus subscription, you have a couple of options for managing your subscription. For the privacy and security of our users, we do not manage or cancel subscriptions, and you must process those changes on your end. 

Important Note: If you upgrade your account through the web app, you must cancel through BeFunky. You will not see this in your app subscriptions in your app store.

Android Mobile

You have two options when managing your subscription with Android devices using the mobile app: 

1). Manage your subscription through your BeFunky Account page. 

2). Or, you can manage your subscription through Google's subscription page. 

iOS Mobile

Subscriptions started in the App Store need to be managed in the App Store, instead of on BeFunky.

  • Access your Account page in the drop-down menu of the app by clicking the 3 lines and selecting Account. Scroll down to Subscription and click the option to Manage your subscription on App Store. 
  • Or you can manage your subscription directly from the App Store.
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