How to Add BeFunky to Your Smartphone Home Screen

If you haven’t checked it out yet, we have a brand new app that will give you the best BeFunky experience. Check it out on your Android device by downloading it from the Play Store. 

If that’s not an option for you, adding the app to your home screen allows you to access BeFunky's web app directly from your smartphone. You can follow the steps below to add BeFunky to your home screen.

Important Note: This currently is only available for Android devices, using Chrome. Apple iOS and Safari are not currently supported. 

Step 1: Go to BeFunky from Chrome on your device. A prompt should appear - tap Install App. 

Step 1b: If you don't see a prompt, you can click go to the Chrome menu (3 vertical dots) and select Install App

Step 2:  On the pop-up, tap Install, and follow the onscreen instructions to add BeFunky to your home screen.

If you ever need to remove BeFunky from your home screen, it can be removed using the same process as any other app. 


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