Introduction to Touch Up Tools

BeFunky's collection of Touch Up tools are perfect for reducing the appearance of blemishes, smoothing skin, whitening teeth, and making your best features pop. Our Touch Up tools use a paintbrush to apply the effect to specific areas to achieve your desired look without impacting your entire image. 

Some tools are only available for BeFunky Plus subscribers. Upgrade your subscription here!

Enhance Your Portraits with One Click


Our A.I. Portrait Enhancer will bring out the best in your portraits with one click. You can adjust the slider to increase or decrease the effect on the entire canvas or use the Select Mode to apply the effect only to your subject.

Get Rid of Unwanted Objects


The Clone tool is one of the most popular features in our Touch Up section. Get rid of stray hair, errant purse straps, or even people to keep the focus of your portrait on your subject. 

Remove Blemishes and Get Perfect Skin


With our suite of Touch Up tools at your disposal, you can edit your portraits like a professional. Spot remove blemishes, smooth fine lines, or even-out skin tones with the perfect skin tool to get your desired look.

Bring Focus to Your Eyes 


Remove pesky red-eye or camera flash reflections from your portraits. Brighten your eyes to highlight your features, or to remove any unwanted background color. Even change the color of your eyes

Brighten Up Your Smile


Our teeth whitening tool will give you movie-star looks with just a quick pass with the paintbrush. 

Try a New Hair Color


Test out a new look without an expensive trip to the stylist! Add highlights or even change the color of your hair completely.

Apply Makeup Effects


Use our full collection of digital makeup to enhance your portraits. Apply blush and bronzer to give that sunkissed look, or add lipstick and mascara with just a couple of clicks.

If you are looking for other tools, check out our entire selection of Touch Up tool tutorials for more! 

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