Using the Eye Brighten Tool

If you find your subject's eyes aren't quite popping the way you'd like, the Eye Brighten tool is a quick help. You’ll find the Eye Brighten tool in the Touch Up section of the editor.

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Step 1: Open your image into the Photo Editor, then head to the Touch Up section on your left sidebar.

Step 2: Choose the Eye Brighten effect under the Eyes heading. You'll see Brush Size and Brush Hardness options show up.

Step 3: Choose your desired Brush Size and Brush Hardness and paint in the brightening effect to the eyes of your subject. 

Step 4: Paint over the whites of the eye to see the brightening effect on your subject.

Pro Tip: Use quick and short brush strokes to paint over the whites of the eyes.  The longer you apply the tool and paint more layers, the whites of the eyes may look unnaturally white. 

Step 5: When you are done, select the blue Apply button.

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