Selecting and Managing Your Colors

Use BeFunky's Color Management tools to pick your favorite colors and save them to your library for a customized color palette, accessible anywhere in the Photo EditorGraphic Designer, or Collage Maker.

Selecting a Color

The Color Picker can be accessed and managed anywhere you have the option to adjust or add a color. 

Colors can be selected by the following method:

  • Hex Codes: These are a hexadecimal format for identifying RGB colors. Each color has a unique hex code. Click the Color Hex Code field and type in your code, and select enter.

Pro Tip: If you find yourself needing more details about precise color and saturation values or want to see some charts of colors that look great together, check out HTML Color Codes.

  • Eyedropper Tool: This can be used to select a specific color from an existing image.
    Click on the eyedropper icon to select this tool. A circular target with a square in the center will appear.  Hover the target over the image until your desired color appears in the square box and click to select.  Once you have clicked to select the color, this will also display the hex code for the picked color. 
  • Color Spectrum: Move the slider along the spectrum bar to select your color of choice. Click to select your color. Fine-tune your selection on the color map above by moving the circular icon.

Pro Tip: If you want to apply color with partial transparency to show the layers below, adjust the Opacity Slider beneath the Color Spectrum.

  • Color Grid Layout: The layout allows you to view some of the most common color choices as a grid. Click the switch view icon and click on your desired color swatch to select your color. Hovering over the color swatch will also display the hex code. 
  • No Color: Click the crossed-out teardrop to remove the color from the selected design element.
  • Recent Colors: This palette displays the six last colors that were used.

Color Management 

The Library gives you the option to add or remove your desired colors to create your own customizable color palette! 

This tool is only available for BeFunky Plus subscribers. Upgrade your subscription here!

Adding & Removing Colors

Step 1: To add a color to your Library, first select your color using one of the methods above.

Step 2: On the Color Picker, click the plus icon (+) to add the color to your Library.  Once you have added a color, the plus icon (+) will turn into a checkmark (✓) confirming that the color has been added. The most recent color added will appear in the top left corner. 

Pro Tip: Once you have your colors added, you can organize by clicking the desired swatch and dragging and dropping it to its new location. 

To remove a color, go to your Library, right-click on the swatch and select Delete OR click and drag the color swatch off of the picker to delete.

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