BeFunky is running slow or cannot run on Edge

You're seeing this article because BeFunky is running slow on Microsoft Edge. In the 2 mins it takes to follow the steps below, BeFunky will be running 5x faster!

If you've seen this article before and followed the steps below, exit (or quit) Edge completely, then relaunch Edge. This should solve your issue.

If this is your first time seeing this article, please follow ALL of these steps:

Step 1: Enable Hardware Acceleration

  • Enter the following url into your address bar of Edge: edge://settings/?search=hardware+acceleration
  • Make sure Hardware Acceleration is enabled.
  • Here's a video illustrating how to enable Hardware Acceleration:

Step 2: Override Software Rendering

  • Enter the following URL into your address bar of Edge: edge://flags/#ignore-gpu-blocklist
  • Make sure the Override software rendering list flag is enabled.

  • Here's a video illustrating how you can enable Override software rendering list:

Step 3: If the above 2 steps didn't fix the issue, restart your computer


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