Aligning Groups

In addition to being able to align individual layers how you'd like, BeFunky also has the ability to align a collection of layers (images, text, & graphics) to different areas of your canvas. This can be particularly handy when you have already aligned your layers individually so they look good in relation to each other. While you can use this functionality in any app section, you'll probably find it most useful in the Graphic Designer.

Depending on your selected layers, the Properties menu that appears will either say Image, Graphics Properties, Text, or Selection (for any combination of the prior three).  Alignment options will be consistent no matter the combination of layers you have selected to align. 

Step 1: Select the layers you would like to align as a group. 

Pro Tip: One click will align the entire group to your selected position on the canvas. A second click will realign the individual layers within the group.

Step 2: Click Options on the Properties menu and click your alignment preference. Or hover over the selected layers and right-click. From the context menu that opens, select Align and click your alignment location.

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